SNCF Réseau had embarked on a major overhaul of its project management ecosystem in order to improve process consistency with a focus on data quality and project planning. The company leveraged Sciforma to optimize the management of project portfolios and accelerate digital transformation.

The solution demonstrated its ease of use, its responsiveness, and its overall value to operational staff. Users began to realize the importance of planning in Sciforma — even though planning and scheduling weren’t rooted in the company’s culture — and the number of plans produced in Sciforma increased by 40% in 3 years.

The improvement in cross-team collaboration and the new ability to work on the basis of common standards and consistent information have greatly increased work performance. Overall, SNCF Réseau has recorded a 30% reduction in time spent on project administration tasks! That time is now used to discuss problem areas.


The reports and summaries produced by Sciforma also offer the advantage of providing quick and reliable access to data, which is key to respond and adapt quickly to market changes or new directions.

                                                         Olivier DEBIEUVRE – Project Planning Manager

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Benoît Boitard

Benoît has been a member of Sciforma's marketing team since 2020. Previously, he had multiple professional experiences, working in particular as a digital strategy consultant, both in emerging start-ups and in large companies. These diverse experiences have imbued him with a global vision of project management in traditional and agile working environments.