Identify and nurture the projects that drive the business forward


Optimize Business Impact

Project resources are constrained. As a result, it is critical to select projects that have the best chance of achieving desired business outcomes such as profitable growth.

Digital Transformation

Achieve Digital Transformation

Most organizations are undergoing some level of digital transformation. Projects are the agent of that change. The ability to properly prioritize and align intake with transformation initiatives is a key success factor.

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Improve Decision Making

Decision data and process centralization improves decision quality and consistency (effectiveness), while improving cycle time and individual productivity (efficiency).

Manage intake for maximum value

Adopt an Idea & Demand Management Process

Idea and demand management ensures that limited resources are directed to the best ideas and most promising projects. Perfect project execution (e.g. on time, on budget, within scope) does you no good if you are working on the wrong things.

How to Implement an Idea & Demand Management Process

Sciforma idea and demand management streamlines and standardizes the intake, workflow, approval processing, and prioritization of project ideas, requests, proposals and business cases. This includes the ability to manage incoming project demand for planned and unplanned projects, as well as the ability to manage constant disruption to the idea, demand, and project pipeline.

Benefits of a Robust Idea & Demand Management Process

Robust scoring functionality ensures resources are aligned with strategic objectives and have the best chance of achieving desired business outcomes within an acceptable risk envelope.

Choose Sciforma for Your Idea & Demand Management Process

Sciforma’s idea and demand management solution is flexible to support varying levels of process maturity, industries, and organizational cultures.

Key idea and demand management benefits and features

Collect ideas and evaluate the most promising projects with Sciforma

  • Centralized Platform
  • Collaborative Process
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Flexibility
Centralized Platform

Streamline and standardize the intake, workflow, approval processing, and prioritization of project ideas, requests, proposals and business cases

  • Consolidate the collection and tracking of demands in a single centralized web portal for submitting project ideas
  • Leverage automated and manual snapshots to get a quick overview and understanding of business case highlights and fundamentals
  • Facilitate business case reviews for Portfolio Managers with a pipeline dashboard
  • View n-to-n connections between ideas, business cases and projects to get a complete picture of the project lifecycle
Collaborative Process

Collaborative process for effective project prioritization and decision-making

  • Automate a workflow-driven, collaborative process for decision-making/approvals from initial ideas and business cases to inflight projects
  • Easily manage inter-dependencies, constraints and stakeholder communications thanks to n-to-n connections
  • Use collaborative notes to keep track of important comments and information
Dynamic Capabilities

Dynamic capabilities to manage a pipeline in constant disruption

  • Configure the workflow for idea, request, business case processing
  • Evolve your description fields and scoring criteria to align with changes in business priorities
  • Manage incoming project demand for planned and unplanned projects, as well as constant change to the idea, demand, and project pipeline.
  • Add requests to in-flight projects
  • Use shared and persistent description fields and scoring criteria across ideas, business cases and projects for continuity across assessment workflows

Flexibility to tailor the process to varying levels of process maturity, industries, and organizational cultures

  • Configure templates to manage different types of projects with different information needs and workflows, including scoring criteria and description fields for ideas and business cases
  • Manage ideas and business cases with both quantifiable and non-quantifiable characteristics

Use the project methodology of your choice

Sciforma supports Agile, Waterfall, Phase Gates, and CCPM

Integrated Agile

Integrated Agile PPM enables the blending of agile and waterfall methods in a single project and the ability to create sprints, with budget points, baseline points, story points and project boards with task cards

Critical Chain

Support for Critical Chain methodology including Critical Chain identification, buffer generation, resource contention resolution, fever charts, and multi-project synchronization

Phase Gates

Support for phase gates methodology, including deliverable and risk templates, gate approval meetings and reviews, and status reports

Discover how organizations use Sciforma


Facilitating Better Priorization and Project Selection Decisions


A PPM Tool for Evaluation and Selection of Projects

Aubert Duval

Centralize All Project Data : Demand, Resource Requirements, and Availability


“Another purpose of increased resource visibility was to improve the project demand/intake process and project selection. Any demand that makes enough sense to evolve into a business case is submitted to the approval of a biannual strategic IT committee, created by the PMO team. This steering committee needed reliable data – whether projections or actuals – to perform trade-offs and prioritize projects against resource availability.”

Christophe Lejeune


“Upon joining Bioaster in 2013, Carole Leroy drew up specifications that would be used to identify a project and portfolio management (PPM) solution. The PPM tool would be used throughout multiple phases, beginning with the evaluation and selection of projects.”

Carole Leroy


“Aubert & Duval also needed a system to collect and consolidate project demand in order to anticipate resource needs and adjustments of in-flight and upcoming projects.”

Arnaud Montels
PMO Manager - Aubert Duval

Discover our critical capabilities

Sciforma has been designed to address key pain points which directly impact PMO Objectives/KPIs that align with the core C-level objective of achieving profitable growth.